What Causes Jaundice | Yellowish Skin or Jaundice Problem Causes

Jaundice Disease Causes:

When a person has jaundice, there are a number of reasons why and usually these reasons lead to an underlying disease or problem. Since jaundice is but a symptom, here are some of the problems that may be causing you to experience the yellowing of your skin:

  • Some of the ailments that can cause the destruction and breakdown of red blood cells that can cause the yellow discoloration of your skin include malaria, spherocytosis, autoimmune disorders, thalassemia, G6PD or glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, and sickle cell crisis.
  • Liver problems that cause jaundice include liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer, or Gilbert’s syndrome. Crigler-Najjar syndrome and the presence of toxins or drugs in the liver can also cause jaundice. Some of these diseases that are caused by toxins or substances in the liver include hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease and alpha-one antitrypsin.
  • Inflammation and the blockage of your bile ducts can also cause jaundice or the yellowing of your skin. These conditions may include gallstones, pancreatitis, congenital malformations, and even pregnancy.
  • Some infants may get jaundice from breast milk. Usually this is when a newborn baby is still adjusting to the chemicals naturally found in breastmilk or when a mother has insufficient amounts of breastmilk to feed their baby.

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