Jaundice Disease Diet Treatment | Foods for Jaundice Cure

Diet for Jaundice:

Some people believe that everything can be either cured or made better with the proper diet. Eating right and drinking right will bring you better health. Here are some dietary tips for jaundice sufferers and for those who want to avoid the illness:

  • One of the diets that have been seen to help with jaundice that is caused by liver problems is the fruit and vegetable juice fast.
    A person is given only fresh juices for a week, and this includes the juices of lemons, oranges, pears, grapes, and beets. Carrot juice and sugarcane juice are also added to this list. During this fast, the person who is suffering from jaundice is given periodic enemas to clear the colon of toxins that may be left there by his discharges.
  • An all-fruit diet is also advised for those who are suffering from jaundice. This can be done after the juice fast and can last for around five days. A fruit diet consists of any fruit except bananas. No canned fruit is allowed and only fresh fruit should be consumed three times a day.
  • This 5-day fruit diet therapy is then followed by a meal that consists of one part whole wheat bread or whole wheat product, one fruit and lemon water. Slowly build up your balanced meals after this therapeutic diet and make sure you eat healthy meals after this.

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