Jock Itch Skin Infection Causes | What Causes Tinea Cruris Problem

Causes of Jock Itch:

What can cause this problem? There are a few distinct reasons why jock itch occurs and what causes it. The main culprit is actually fungi since this ailment is a superficial skin fungal infection.

  • Some of the reasons why jock itch occurs include the wearing of tight clothing, the heat and humidity of the area that a person lives in, friction between the parts of the groin and even the wearing of athletic supporters.
  • Those who are more likely to suffer from this problem are people who are obese and those who sweat excessively.
  • Sometimes if you are infected with some other fungal infection, this may also create the same fungal problem in your groin. Some of the fungus that may bring you jock itch include candida albicans, Epidermophyton floccosum, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. The most likely candidate for this fungal infection however is candida albicans, the same fungi that causes yeast infections.
  • Wet and sweaty clothing that is not changed immediately can also cause a person to have jock itch. Going swimming and staying in your wet swimwear for an extended period of time or even wearing extra layers of clothing in the winter where your underwear may become soaked with sweat are examples of possible scenarios where jock itch may happen.

Tinea Cruris Causes:

The main cause of tinea cruris, also known as jock itch is friction and heat. Other causes of jock itch spread in men are increased humidity in genital area, weak immune system, direct rubbing of skin over skin.

Jock Itch Causes:

Main reasons for tinea cruris fungal infection is; obesity, wearing fit clothes, dampness around skin folds. Other causes of jock itch are fungi and bacteria.

Causes of Jock Itch in Athletes:

Causative factors for jock itch infection in athletes are using public shower, wearing sweaty exercising clothes, using damp used towels, and most importantly wearing clothes on wet body.

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