Preventing Jock Itch Skin Infection | How to Prevent Tinea Cruris

Jock Itch Prevention Measures:

Preventing this irritating and embarrassing groin problem can be achieved by keeping oneself fresh and dry in these areas at all times. There are other ways you can avoid getting jock itch and here are some of these preventive measures:

  • One of the solutions for preventing jock itch from occurring is to avoid wearing tight clothing or tight underpants.
    Try to wear boxer shorts instead of jockey type underwear or briefs that may cause this problem. Also, opt for cotton underwear instead of those that are made with synthetic fabrics.
  • To keep your groin and buttocks area dry at all times, try to apply cornstarch or baking soda to the area before wearing your underpants. The only real way you can keep from getting this ailment is to keep the area uninhabitable by fungi, and keeping it dry is the best way to do so since fungus thrives in areas that are damp and warm.
  • When you are in a communal situation, try to keep your towels, beddings, and other bath items to yourself or sterilize these by washing them in hot water and in soap and bleach.
    This will help to keep you from getting the ailment from other people who might have it in the communal area.

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