Leg Cramping Causes | What Causes Foot Cramps | Reasons of Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps Causes:

What can cause leg cramps and why are some people more prone to it than others? Leg cramps occur when a person has certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A lack in potassium as well as sodium has been seen as possible reasons for these painful occurrences. Here are other possible reasons for getting leg cramps:

  • One other possible reason may be poor circulation of blood to the area due to blocked veins.
    This is common in pregnant women and in those who sleep in the fetal positions.
  • Sometimes age is a huge factor when it comes to leg cramps since most of those who suffer from this problem are the elderly. They are usually susceptible to nocturnal leg cramps and are often woken up by the pain this brings them at night.
  • When a person feels a cramp while exercising, the reasons may include dehydration, overworked muscles, or lack of warm-up exercises before engaging in these strenuous workouts.
  • Sometimes certain factors like being overweight, electrolyte imbalances, and even the use of certain medications can cause these muscle spasms in your leg to occur.
  • Muscle fatigue can also be a reason for leg cramps.
    This can be seen in people who force themselves to swim long distances even when their legs are not used to it or those who try to run farther than they are often used to.

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