What Causes Lethargy Feeling | Causes of Lethargic Body

Lethargy Causes:

There are many reasons why a person may feel lethargic. The causes may include physical and psychological ailments as well as physical inactivity and poor diet habits. Here are some of the more common reasons why a person may have a feeling of lethargy:

  • Some of the physical ailments that may bring about a feeling of lethargy include thyroid problems like autoimmune thyroid diseases and hypothyroidism.
    Kidney problems can also be causes of bouts with lethargy. Jaundice, hepatitis, and chronic or acute kidney failure are some of the kidney ailments that can be the cause of your lethargy.
  • Lethargy can be caused by certain ailments that are pretty common like constipation, allergies, and bronchitis. Other ailments that can be blamed for your feeling of lethargy include measles, adrenal gland problems, gastritis, and even diabetes.
  • Psychological problems can also cause lethargy. Depression is one of them. Menopause, shock, and bipolar disorder have also been seen as causes for lethargy.
  • High blood pressure, low blood pressure or anemia, head injuries, alcoholism, or drug abuse are also causes of lethargy attacks. You can also be lethargic due to poor nutrition and even when you simply oversleep or lay in bed for too long without any activity.

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