Diet Treatment for Lethargic Body | Foods to Avoid Lethargic Feeling

Lethargy Diet:

When trying to avoid lethargy or treating bouts of lethargy, you may need certain nutrients in your body to help you boost your energy. Some of the foods that you can use to help in this direction include the following:

  • You should increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to help with your energy needs.
    These foods can become part of a balanced diet that is paired with exercise which can help you with your energy needs every day.
  • Sprouts like bean sprouts and millet are good foods for treating lethargy. Add a serving of this kind of food at least once a day to help you avoid bouts with lethargy.
  • Avoiding certain types of food will also help you increase your energy levels and help you avoid lethargic periods. Simply avoid greasy foods, processed foods and those items with a high fat content. Canned foods should also be excluded from your diet or minimized.
  • Junk foods can make you feel sluggish. Avoiding them can also help you shake that feeling of lethargy you might be constantly getting.
  • Really heavy foods like red meat and creamy foods or heavy dairy products like ice cream and full cream milk can also cause lethargy so try to avoid these or minimize your intake of these foods.

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