Natural Remedies for Lethargy | Natural Cure for Lethargic Feeling

Lethargy Home Remedies:

You can help yourself get rid of lethargy feeling or of someone being lethargic by administering these home remedies that are easy to make.

  • You can make a tea out of leaves of holy basil. Simply boil ten leaves if this herb in a cup of water and strain after it has boiled for a minute.
    Cool down until warm enough to drink.
  • Some drinks are made to stimulate a person when they are feeling lethargic or tired. These include caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. Drink a cup of your favorite brew if you are feeling lethargy creeping up on you.
  • Some citrus juices are good for those who are suffering from lethargy. You can drink orange juice, limejuice, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice when you are feeling lethargic. This is said to improve the circulation of your blood.
  • Massage is also a good therapy for lethargy. Use essential oils that will help stimulate you like eucalyptus and rosemary oils will help pick your senses up.
    Acupressure is also good for treating lethargy. Know which pressure points in your hand and feet are good for boosting energy and massage this with the same oils that perk you up.

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