Natural Treatments for Leucoderma | Natural Remedy for Vitiligo

Natural Remedies for Leucoderma Disorder:

Are there ways to help treat leucoderma from your home? There are some herbal and home remedies that a lot of people have tried using for this ailment, and here are some that you might want to try yourself:

  • Get some red clay and mix this with an equal amount of fresh ginger juice.
    Once these two are thoroughly mixed, you can smear this paste over the parts of your body that have these white spots.
  • Drinking a glass of fresh ginger juice is said to help with these white patches on your skin. Make a fresh batch of ginger juice every day by peeling, crushing, and pressing the juice out of ginger root.
  • Mustard oil and turmeric powder mixed together to form a paste can also be used as an ointment on these white spots or patches.
  • Another paste you can use for treating leucoderma spots is made with the use of radish seeds that are ground into a fine powder and mixed with some vinegar.
    Apply on the white spots as you would with an ointment.
  • Pound some ginger leaves to a pulp and place these over the white spots on your skin. Put a clean bandage over these and keep the bandage and the leaves on the spot with the use of surgical tape.

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