What Causes Leucorrhea in Women | Causes of White Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhoea Causes:

What causes a woman to experience leucorrhea? Women are said to experience this at least once during the course of their life, and these should not be a cause for worry if these discharges do not smell off, are not discoloured, or mixed with some blood. Here are some of the more common causes of this vaginal discharge:

  • When a woman has this white vaginal discharge, she may be suffering from fungal, bacterial, or parasitic problems.
  • The problem of leucorrhea can also be an indication that a woman is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea or chlamydia.
  • The presence of this white discharge can also indicate unhygienic practices like wearing soiled underwear, not washing the genitals regularly with the right kind of cleansing products, not washing after sex, and not bathing regularly.
  • Leucorrhea can also be caused by actions like masturbation or by a heightened sexual desire.
  • Intestinal worms are also seen as one of the causes of leucorrhea.
  • Sometimes a woman may experience this problem due to the changes in her uterus from childbirth or from pregnancy.
  • It has been noted that those who are prone to getting this problem are those who either have a weak immune system or those who are anemic.

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