Symptoms of Leucorrhoea | Signs of Pelvic, Cervical Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea Symptoms:

How can a woman tell if she has leucorrhea? What are the symptoms of this problem? There are many different kinds of leucorrhea that can affect women; therefore, some symptoms may differ from the others. Here are some of the types of leucorrhea that a woman may have and the symptoms that may accompany them:

  • When a woman’s leucorrhea problems are brought about by a fungal infection, this is called an infectious leucorrhea, and this problem is often characterized by an itchy discharge that is thick in consistency and white.
  • When the leucorrhea is sexually transmitted or obtained due to sexual intercourse with an infected partner, this is called a sexually transmitted leucorrhea. Symptoms for this include a yellowish or greenish discharge that may be accompanied by abdominal pains and itching.
  • If a woman’s discharges are caused by cervical problems, or is called a cervical leucorrhea, this may exhibit such symptoms as a rust-colored or brownish discharge that may look like the discharge is mixed with some blood.
  • Pelvic leucorrhea is caused by pelvic problems like pelvic inflammatory disease. This brings about discharges that are whitish and is accompanied by a pain in the lower back or lumbar region.
  • When leucorrhea is stress related, it usually appears as a white discharge that is rather plentiful. This is often a result of a stressful life or mental stress.

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