Natural Treatments for Lice | Natural Remedy for Lice Removal

Lice Natural Remedies:

Trying to treat an infestation of lice is easy as long as you know what is needed for home remedies and treatments are available and easy to make. Here are some homemade treatments that you can use to kill an infestation of lice:

  • One of the remedies that seem to have been around for quite a while is the use of vinegar on your scalp to remove head lice.
    Simply wash your hair with a cup of vinegar. Do this for a couple of days to kill off the grown lice and the nits.
  • Onions and the strong odor that they have as well as the sulphuric properties that they posses can also kill off lice found in your head. Simply peel and slice an onion and grind this to a pulp. Squeeze out the onion juice from this pulp with the use of cheesecloth. With the use of a cotton ball, wipe this juice on your scalp and into your hair. Keep this on your hair for a couple of hours. Wash your hair off and use a fine-toothed comb to drag out the dead louse from your hair and scalp.
    Do this for three consecutive days.
  • Get a few cloves of garlic and grind these into a fine paste. Add some lemon juice to this pulp and mix well. Apply this paste to your scalp and into your hair and keep overnight with a towel wrapped around your head. Wash off the dead louse in the morning.

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