How to Use Affordable Home Treatment for Head Lice with Listerine

Head lice are tiny insects that thrive on the scalp. This type of lice lives on hair and sometimes even eyebrows and lashes. Close or direct contact with other people as well as contact with contaminated materials causes the spread of the disease. School-aged children are often affected by this condition because of the close contact that occurs in school settings.

Different treatments are available over-the-counter for the treatment of head lice. Some are quite affordable while others can be quite costly. Repeated treatments can be taxing on the budget of the parent and so many turn to home remedies which can also be quite as effective.

The incidence of head lice has become quite common that it has become quite resistant to 90% of the chemical treatments. The use of home remedies has produced a new line of treatment that head lice is responsive to.

Listerine for Head Lice

Out of the many treatments for head lice, among the most affordable is the Listerine treatment.

  • Listerine has been used in many households for the treatment of head lice.

  • Listerine can be purchased in the market and used alone or together with vinegar or lime water.

  • When applied onto the head of the child or the affected individual, it not only kills lice but prevents re-infestation.

  • Listerine contains ingredients such as thymol, menthol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate and alcohol. This combination of ingredients effectively kills lice.

  • The most potent ingredient in the mouthwash that is responsible for killing lice is the alcohol. Listerine contains 26.9% of alcohol, potent enough to kill lice.

How to Use Listerine for Head Lice

In order for Listerine to effectively kill lice and prevent further re-infestation, it must be prepared and used correctly.

Before Treatment:

  • Cover the ears and facial area completely, leaving only the hair exposed.

  • Cover the floor as well as surrounding furniture and items with blankets or bags, especially the area where the child or adult will be treated.

  • Pour Listerine into a spray bottle.

  • Put on gloves to protect the hands especially for the person who will be spraying.


  • Lift the ends of the hair and spray the scalp completely with Listerine inside the spray bottle.

  • Spray the hair until it is completely saturated with the solution.

  • After spraying the hair and scalp, cover the hair with a shower cap or a plastic grocery bag if a shower cap is not available.

  • Allow the hair to dry for at least 2 hours.

  • Use a lice comb and work it through the treated hair.

  • If any live lice are seen, treat the hair again with the solution.

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