Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms | Signs of Cirrhosis of Liver Disease

Symptoms of Cirrhosis of Liver:

When looking out for symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver, there is no single and conclusive classification of the symptoms. This is because some symptoms are a result of other diseases. On the other hand, absence of such symptoms does not necessarily indicate that one is not affected by the disease. Below are the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver:

  • Weakness and fatigue.
  • Anorexia and weight loss.
  • Jaundice. This is one of the common telltale signs of cirrhosis of the liver. However, this is also inconclusive as there are other liver diseases such as hepatitis that also causes jaundice. Jaundice is characterized by the skin and eyes becoming yellowish. On the other hand, urine of a person with jaundice is dark in color.
  • Changes in the liver size. The liver of a person affected by the disease may shrink or may increase in size due to inflammation.
  • Marked changes in the appearance of nails. These changes may be any of the following:
  1. Clubbing. This refers to the presence of an angle between the nail plate and the proximal nail fold.
  2. Terry’s nails. This happens when the proximal two thirds of the nail appears white while the distal one third is red.
  3. Muehrcke’s nails. This is the condition wherein paired horizontal bands appear with normal color in between the bands.

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