What are the Natural Hair Growth Supplements for Men and Women?

Hair Growth Supplement

Men and women who wish to achieve healthier and shinier hair may consider taking hair growth supplements. These are formulated to be part of a person’s diet which contains essential minerals and vitamins that have the power to enhance healthier and quicker growth of the hair.

Those following a certain diet plan do not possibly acquire the necessary nutrients to speed up hair growth.

Nevertheless, there are hair growth supplements available to provide the nutrients which the body lacks in order to healthily and effectively grow the hair. These hair growth supplements do not specifically hasten hair growth but they enhance the health of the scalp to facilitate the growth of hair.

Supplements for faster and healthier growth of hair contain two vitamin types, the niacin and inocitol. Niacin enhances blood flow into the scalp, while inocitol keeps the follicles nourished.

Natural Hair Growth Supplements

Besides the hair growth supplements sold in the market today, there are natural ingredients and herbs which are known to be effective in promoting hair growth.

  • Zinc – Most hair growth supplements contain zinc as this has the ability to promote stable hair growth.

    It aids in repairing damaged tissues including those found in the scalp. A diet that lacks sufficient zinc can lead to brittle and weak hair and this can further lead to damage and loss of the hair.

  • Vitamin B – This essential vitamin are particularly beneficial in the formation of red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. The hair follicles and the scalp need good amount of oxygen to be healthy and nourished.

  • Biotin – This particular B-vitamin is necessary in the metabolism and absorption of essential fatty acids in the body. Since fatty acids are needed in many body functions and processes, including hair growth, biotin is very much needed.

  • Green tea – It contains a particular substance that prevents the formation of harmful enzymes, called DHT, which hinder the natural growth of the hair.

Hair Growth Supplements for Men and Women

Several vitamins and nutrients are available for men and women to enhance their hair growth. And these should be included in the diet for faster and more effective results.

  • Amino acids – For the hair follicles to stay healthy and energized, it should be regularly supplied with amino acids since these compounds can divide cells faster than normal.

  • Apple peeling – This is full of polyphenols which are known to be good anti-oxidants. It also contains other chemicals which proved to be useful in curing balding.

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