Hair Loss In Men Natural Cure: Home Remedies For Dandruff Hair Loss

It is common for all of us to lose some hair every day; it is a natural mechanism in our body.  In a normal course our body replaces new strands of hairs as a part of renewal process; it becomes a real problem only when the amount of hair loss is significant, sudden and in clumps.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Hair growth slows down as we grow old. Hair loss in men can be genetically determined as male pattern baldness; it may start as early as 20 years of age. But in females hair normally thins after the age of fifty, and significant hair loss before that period is very rare to cause baldness.

Loosing hair, dandruff, grey hairs are common problems that many of us complain about. When hair loss is sudden and in a great amount there may be underlying causes which a person has to look for, or he has to make a trip to his doctor to find the cause.

Sudden hair loss can be attributed to number of factors such as dandruff, stress, hormonal changes, diseases such as typhoid, certain medications such as anti cancer treatment, thyroid disease, vitamin deficiency, nutritional deficiency etc.

Receding hair line, seeing hairs on your basin and on your clothes and in your comb are obvious symptoms of hair loss.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies For Men

  • To rejuvenate the hair pores in your scalp, massage it regularly with two to three drops of essential almond oil mixed in coconut base oil. Massage it properly so that the oil sips deep into the roots of hair. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Massage your hair and scalp with coconut milk. Leave it for half an hour before washing it with warm water. Practice the procedure thrice in a week to prevent hair loss.
  • If the hair fall is in patches as in alopecia areata, rub a slice of onion over the bald patch till the scalp turns red. Now apply honey over the area, wash your hairs with warm water. The condition improves gradually.
  • The use of margosa leaves is an effective hair loss home remedy. Prepare a decoction of margosa leaves and wash your hair with this decoction. It not only prevent hair fall, but also helps to kill hair infestations such as lice etc.
  • Apply fresh juice of amaranth leaves to your hair. It helps to stop hair loss.

Dandruff Hair Loss Home Remedies

One of the main causes for hair loss is dandruff, it is necessary to treat dandruff and there are many home remedies which can cure dandruff effectively:

  • Soak fenugreek seeds at night, early in the morning prepare a fine paste by grinding the seeds. Apply the paste on your scalp and leave it for half hour. Wash your hairs thoroughly with warm water and dry your hair naturally. It is an effective remedy for dandruff and hair loss.
  • Mix thoroughly curd, lemon and egg yolk, apply the prepared paste on your scalp. Wash your hair after half hour. It effectively treats hair loss as well as dandruff in a natural way.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing curd and dry powder of lemon and orange peel. Apply it on your scalp and rinse your hair.
  • Whenever you wash your hairs, make use of fresh lime juice as a last rinse, it removes stickiness in the scalp and hair. It is an excellent home remedy for dandruff.

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