What Causes Hair Loss | Causes of Alopecia or Hair Fall

Hair Loss Causes:

There are many different reasons why people lose their hair, and included in the list of reasons are those that are hereditary or genetic, situational, hormonal and even caused by other ailments, like tinea capitis. Here are a few more reasons why a person may be losing his or her hair at an accelerated rate:

  • Stress is one reason why a person may lose his or her hair. This stress that a person feels and that makes him lose his or her hair.
  • A person can also start losing hair due to hormonal changes. Women can start to feel thinning hair when they enter their menopausal periods. They can also experience some hair loss after giving birth to a baby due to the changes in hormone levels after the birth of the child.
  • Hormonal problems that are caused by ailments like thyroid problems can also cause you to lose your hair. Such ailments like hypothyroidism can make your hair fall out faster than normal.
  • Some people who over treat their hair with chemicals, those who blow dry their hair excessively, and those who use a lot of styling products on their hair regularly may notice a thinning of their hair over time.
  • People can also lose hair when they undergo certain medical procedures, like chemotherapy or radiation therapy or when they are sick with certain ailments. Hair loss can also be blamed on certain medications that make your hair fall out.

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