How to Prevent Hair Loss or Alopecia | Preventing Hair Fall

Hair loss is among the most common problems affecting the hair of people worldwide. Although men are the ones who are more prone to experiencing hair loss, a lot of women also have to deal with this problem. It can start as hair fall which could lead to thinning of some parts of the scalp.
Without treatment, the hair fall could lead to widespread hair loss, often seen at the top of the head in men. Serious hair loss can lead to total baldness.

In women, hair loss often begins at the scalp on top of the frontal and parietal lobes while it begins at the temple and the scalp on top of the frontal lobes in men. Still, that is just the common pattern as others experience hair loss in other areas than in the ones mentioned above.

There are cases when hair loss is expected, as in chemotherapy and other treatment options. Pregnancy is also one of the factors causing hair loss. Still, there are many other possible reasons why hair loss occurs, including poor nutrition, hormonal changes, diseases like diabetes, scalp infections, hair treatment chemicals, and pattern baldness.


Stopping hair loss depends on why the reasons why the patient is losing it in the first place. If the patient is losing it due to chemotherapy for example, he or she will need to wait till the treatments are over before he or she can expect hair to grow back again. There is nothing that one can do to prevent the loss of hair during this treatment but there are preventive measures that one can use for other hair loss problems.

  • If the patient is losing hair due to excessive styling and use of styling equipment and products, the only way to stop from losing more hair is to give hair a rest. Stop using hot irons, blow dryers, hair products, and hair colors and chemicals on the hair to give it time to recuperate and to rest the scalp from the continuous abuse it is getting.
  • Prevent hair loss from stress by doing exercises that will relieve stress build-up. Try to practice yoga or meditation to help ease stress. One can also try to unwind in a spa or get a massage to ease the stress away.
  • Prevent hair loss from fungal infections by treating these problems as soon as one notices them.

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