Low Blood Pressure Symptoms | Signs of Hypotension or Low BP

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms:

To be able to tell if a person has low blood pressure, he or she may display certain symptoms that indicate a particular organ in his or her body is not receiving enough blood. These symptoms will be absent however if a person who has low blood pressure is actually someone who normally has low blood pressure like people who are petite, athletes, and those who maintain their ideal body weight.

Here are some symptoms that may indicate some problems with low blood pressure:

  • Some people who have problems with low blood pressure may experience bouts with dizziness or nausea and may feel weak and short of breath.
  • Feeling lightheaded and having chest pains can also indicate certain complications brought about by low blood pressure. Feeling lightheaded usually happens when a person is standing, sitting, or when he is prone. You may also feel bouts of unsteadiness when you get this lightheaded feeling while standing up.
  • Other symptoms may include blurred vision, fainting, and a feeling of tiredness or fatigue. Unconsciousness will sometimes result when the sudden drop in blood pressure is caused by excessive bleeding or septic shock.
    This is usually because of the lack of blood going to the person’s brain.

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