What Causes Hypoglycaemia | Causes of Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar Causes:

How does a person get hypoglycemia and who are at risk when it comes to this ailment? There are a number of reasons why people may find that they have low glucose levels in their blood, and one of them is due to complications with an existing problem with diabetes. Other causes for this medical problem include the following:

  • Acute cases of hypoglycemia may happen when a person skips meals or misses meals, when a person drinks alcohol, and when a diabetic person accidentally injects an excessive amount of insulin in his blood.
  • Other causes of hypoglycemia include liver problems like liver cancer and liver failure. Kidney problems can also cause hypoglycemia. This can happen when gluconeogenesis is impaired. This is often the case when a person suffers from kidney failure.
  • When kidney function is low, the insulin in the body circulates for a longer time and may cause hypoglycemia as well. This problem is also caused by loss of appetite and lower intake of food when a person has kidney failure.
  • Congenital problems like congenital hyperinsulinism and people who are born with congenital defects due to certain occurrences like birth trauma or lack of oxygen while being delivered can also cause hypoglycemia.

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