How to Prevent Hypoglycemia | Prevention of Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar Prevention Measures:

When trying to prevent hypoglycemia, what you need to do is to avoid any of the obvious reasons why this problem occurs. One of the reasons why hypoglycemia attacks occur is when you skip your meals or you miss them inadvertently. Making sure you take your meals on time to avoid these acute bouts with hypoglycemia.

Here are a few more preventive measures you can take when dealing with hypoglycemia:

  • If you are diabetic, try to make sure that the dosage of insulin you are taking is right.
  • When you feel the need to exercise more than your regular exercise routine, you should take care to increase your intake of water and nutrients to compensate for the drop in blood sugar this may generate.
  • Try to get used to eating your meals a few times a day in smaller doses as opposed to three large meals in one day. This will help distribute the glucose in your blood effectively over the whole day.
  • Try to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages to help avoid hypoglycemia.
  • Never take more than what is prescribed to you if you are diabetic.
    Do not overcompensate for missed medication since this can cause a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels and may cause hypoglycemia.

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