Symptoms of Hypoglycemia | Signs of Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms:

How can a person identify the signs of hypoglycemia? What are the telltale signs of this problem? A person may be suffering from hypoglycemia if he or she shows any of these symptoms:

  • When a person feels certain behavioral changes like crying for no known reason or being irritable and cranky all of a sudden, this may be a sign that he or she is having a hypoglycemic episode.
  • Some of the physical symptoms you might feel when you have hypoglycemia include hunger, headaches, bouts with dizziness, sweating, and even trembling.
  • You may feel your heart palpitate and you might find you have clammy skin if you are having a hypoglycemic attack. You may also find that you have pale skin and may feel rather anxious about nothing in particular when you are suffering from this problem.
  • Tingling sensation in and around your mouth and jerky or uncoordinated and clumsy movements can also indicate that a person is having a hypoglycemic problem.
  • Other symptoms that may indicate hypoglycemia includes difficulty in focusing on what you are doing or even in thinking, confusion, and in worst cases, some people may have seizures and fall into a coma.

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