Causes of Low Immune System | Weak Immunity System Causes

Low Immunity Causes:

When you find yourself with a weakened immunity, you may begin to wonder why this is happening. Some of the causes that can be cited when it comes to a person having low immunity are lifestyle factors and diet. Here are some of the reasons why a person may suffer from a weak immune system:

  • Weak immune systems are often a product of years of neglect to the body.
    Our bodies have naturally strong immune systems that are programmed to fight off disease, but when the body is deprived of the proper nutrients it needs to help keep it running smoothly, a deficiency builds up. Lack of proper nutrition, lack of rest, and abusive use of your body will lower your immunity because of the lack of the fuel that your body needs to keep running properly.
  • Medical procedures may also weaken the immune system. People who undergo certain surgical procedures often experience a weakening of the immunity because your body may be focused on healing the part that just got treated with surgery or some other major medical procedure.
  • Another reason why a person may suffer from low immunity is when he or she has illnesses that require the full focus of the immune system.
    This leaves a person vulnerable to other diseases since his immune system could only do so much. Examples of such illnesses include HIV/Aids and IBD.

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