Causes of Malaria Disease | Reasons for Malaria Ailment

Malaria Causes:

Malaria is caused by the Plasmodium genus parasite and is transmitted from person to person via the Anopheles mosquito. The sprozoites, or malaria parasites, are first sucked out by these mosquitos from the blood of an infected human and is passed on to another human with another bite from the same mosquito.

  • These malaria parasites do not cause havoc the moment they enter the body. They travel through the bloodstream first and lodge themselves in the person’s liver where they will mature and eventually travel all over the person’s body by infecting the blood cells that enter the liver.
  • When the parasite begins infiltrating and destroying the red blood cells of the human it is living it, it multiplies and infects more and more blood cells. Another mosquito may then bite the infected person and pass this on to another person where the cycle begins again and so on.
  • Some people in some countries actually state that they got their malaria from blood transfusions and even from organ transplants.
  • Drug users who share needles can also be prone to getting malaria.
  • A baby who is born to a mother who has been carrying the malaria parasite before getting pregnant or got the ailment while she was carrying the baby will eventually be born with malaria.

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