Preventing Malaria Disease | How to Prevent Malaria Ailment

Malaria Prevention Measures:

One of the best ways to be rid of malaria is actually to avoid getting it in the first place. What you will need to do to avoid getting this ailment is to follow some tips that are made to help you keep away from this disease.

  • If you can help it, do not travel to countries that are known to have mosquitos that breed or carry the malaria parasite.
    These are mostly sub-tropical and tropical countries.
  • When you cannot avoid going to countries that may have these mosquitos, try to get yourself vaccinated from the disease before you go.
  • If you find yourself in a country that is known to be infested with mosquitos that may carry the malaria parasite, you may need to exercise some safety measures to help keep yourself from getting bitten by these mosquitos and infected with the disease. What you need to do is to have insect repellent handy all the time and make sure you spread this on your skin when you find there are mosquitos in the area you are in.
  • Another precautionary measure you can practice when you are in a place that may have malaria carrying mosquitos is to sleep in a mosquito tent.
    This is a gauze tent that keeps mosquitos out while you sleep and let air in.

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