Symptoms of Malaria Disease | Signs of Malaria Ailment

Malaria Symptoms:

What are the symptoms that will tell you that a person has malaria and should be given immediate medical help? Here are some of the symptoms that may be present:

  • A person who has malaria may experience an on-and-off high fever. This is one of the types of fevers that may manifest itself in a person with malaria but other fever types, like one that seems to be similar to influenza, is often more prevalent.
  • Other symptoms that a person with malaria will display include nausea, headaches, sweating, chills, and a feeling of weakness.
  • While some people may think that they have gotten over the malaria parasite when their fever recedes, the truth is the parasite may stay in your system for years. This often happens to those who develop some immunity to the disease but still remain as carriers.
  • The four different types of malaria parasites bring different kinds of symptom to the person being infected. For example, the plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest of the four, may bring with it symptoms like hemolytic anemia, kidney failure, and subsequent coma and then death. The plasmodium ovale parasite only causes mild anemic symptoms.
  • Plasmodium vivax parasites can cause a person to have a ruptured spleen while the plasmodium malariae species can bring about kidney failure.

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