What Causes Measles Ailment | How Measles Disease Spread

Measles Disease Causes:

How does a person get measles and who are prone to getting measles? There are a number of ways that measles can be spread or can be contracted; however, the most prevalent way that this virus is spread is through contact with a person who is infected with it.

  • Measles is a disease that can be spread by means of the respiratory system and route. This means that a person who has measles can infect others with it when they sneeze or when they cough and the virus goes airborne. A person may then come in contact with the virus in the air by inhaling it or by getting some of the virus on their hands. The virus then enters the person’s system by way of the eyes, nose or mouth.
  • If a person is vaccinated or if he or she has had the measles before, he may not get the ailment since immunity will have been established.
  • When a person gets rubella but the person who sneezed on him has rubeola, he will still get infected with measles since these two viruses may be related but are actually different.
    Having had one of these ailments before or having vaccinations for one of these measles types does not make you immune to the other and vice versa.

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