Natural Cure for Measles | Treatments for Measles Disease

Measles Natural Remedies:

Are there home remedies for these two kinds of measles? How does a person treat a patient with measles from home? Here are a few home remedies that you can try:

  • When a person has measles, mix together half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of licorice. Make the person who has measles consume this every day until the ailment passes.
  • Lemon juice and orange juice are both very beneficial to a person who has measles. Have the person who is infected with measles drink orange juice or lemon juice to help cure his measles faster.
  • Dried turmeric roots ground to a fine powder and mixed with honey is also another herbal remedy for measles and German measles. Mix with this some of the juice that is squeezed out of the leaves of some bitter gourd leaves. Take this mixture daily when a person is recuperating from measles.
  • Barley water mixed with a few drops of sweet almond oil is also a cure for measles. This mixture should also be taken every day while you are down with measles.
  • Tamarind seeds should be mixed with some turmeric powder and ground well together. These should be taken with orange juice or lemon juice in 350 gram doses three times every day.

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