Preventing Measles Spread | How to Prevent Measles Disease

Measles Prevention Measures:

How can a person prevent the spread of measles and how can a person avoid getting this ailment altogether? When a person in your community has measles, the chance of you getting it is high since it is a very contagious disease that is easily spread by sneezing and coughing.

One way for you try and avoid getting this disease is to get vaccinated from both types of measles. Here are other preventive measures you can try:

  • If you have been in contact with someone who has this ailment, you may want to get vaccinated immediately. Since the disease takes four days to incubate, you have three days to get vaccinated and protected from these two types of measles.
  • One type of vaccination called the MMR vaccine covers both types of measles and protects you from getting them both. This same vaccine also protects you from getting mumps.
  • The measles vaccine should be given to a child first at one year then the next shot should be given at 4 years of age.
  • For those who have not had their shots or are unsure whether they have had their measles shots as a child, getting vaccinated again poses no threat to your health and is advisable if you are not sure whether or not you are protected from these viruses.

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