Early Menstrual Periods Causes: Home Remedies For Early Menstruation

Most of the women in their life time may have experienced early menstrual periods at some point or the other. Women nearing menopause are most vulnerable for early menstruation, although it can occur to any women at any age, during their menstrual life that is from menarche to menopause.

Early menstrual cycle in a women’s life if frequent, can bring lot of disturbing issues, besides health problems such as anemia.

Therefore it is necessary to give attention to the problem without delaying it.

No two women are alike, so does their menstrual cycle, therefore the normal menstrual cycle is considered to be between 23 days to 34 days in a woman. The menstrual cycle is considered to be early if it starts before 23 days of the first day of last menstrual cycle. It is generally anovulatory cycle. That is the egg is not properly formed and it is not released during the cycle.

What Causes Early Menstrual Periods?

Now let us find out what causes early menstrual periods.

Causes of early menstrual periods can be broadly divided into two types. One is psychological and the other is physical.

Psychological: Some of the factors such as stress, anxiety, excessive over work and generalized weakness can disturb the internal functioning and balance of hormones leading to early menstrual periods.

Physical causes: The hormone estrogens and progesterone are responsible for menstruation. They are secreted by the ovaries, pituitary and hypothalamus in the brain. When for some reason the secretion of these hormones tends to be early, you get early menstrual cycle. Excessive exercise, extreme weight loss or weight gain can play an important role in timings of menstruation.

Home Remedies For Early Menstrual Cycle

In most of the cases early menstrual cycle does not have any major complications they occur for a few cycles and become regular if corrected. But in some instances the pathological causes such as fibroids may be the cause in that circumstances you have to follow your gynecologists advise.

There are several ways to combat the issue of early menstrual cycle; however a systemic approach with natural home remedies and lifestyle changes can be the best.

  • Change in life style: if the cause is stress or anxiety, yoga or meditation is the best way to reduce it. Regular exercise for 30 minutes five days in a week such as a brisk walk is also helpful in reducing the stress.
  • Change in your diet; eat less of fast food, or packaged food. Eat organic food. Rice, wheat, berries and cherries, soy and apple are known to increase the estrogen production.
  • Black cohosh is a phytoestrogenic herb, it contains plant derived estrogens. It is an effective remedy for early menstrual cycle. But prolong use of this herb is not advised.
  • The herb Indian gooseberry and Indian barberry is useful in regulating early menstrual cycle to normal.

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