Home Remedies for the Treatment of Irregular Periods in Teenagers

Irregular Periods in Teenagers

  • Menstrual cycles that do not occur once a month or in every 28-day period is considered as irregular.
  • Irregular periods have been linked to a lot of serious medical conditions like diabetes and heart problems.
  • Irregularities in having periods do not only occur in women patients in their teenage years but can also occur throughout life or up until menopausal stage.
  • Amenorrhea is the term given when a female patient does not have her menstrual cycle for three months or more.
  • Irregular periods also include having menstrual cycle twice in one month or having one that does not end for more than a week.

Irregular Periods in Teenagers Cause

  • Weight loss. Weight loss may cause irregularity in the menstrual cycle of teenagers when the body fat levels go down 12 to 15 percent. Teenagers who have eating disorders or those that engage themselves in active sports are prone to having irregular cycles.
  • Obesity and being overweight.
  • Diabetes. When a teenage patient has irregular periods, there is a big probability that she has diabetes or is developing early signs of the disease.
  • Hormonal Changes and Imbalances.
  • Endocrine disorders and other acquired medical conditions that are associated with hypothalamic-pituitary endocrine dysfunctions.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This condition can cause longer intervals in between periods of teenagers especially those that show symptoms of high androgen levels.
  • Hyperprolactinemia and tumors in the ovaries and the adrenals. Hyperprolactinemia is a condition that is characterized by having high levels of the serum prolactin in the body.
  • Hirsutism or the condition where female patients have over production of facial and body hair can also lead to having irregular periods.
  • Stress, medications, use of illegal drugs, and poor nutrition.
  • Heart Problems

Home Remedies for Treatment of Irregular Periods in Teenagers

Treatment options for irregular periods in teenagers usually depend on the underlying cause of the condition. But there are home remedies that can help in correcting the condition that have been proven effective for several causes.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet that is low in simple carbohydrates.
  • For teenagers who are athletes or engage in regular strenuous activities, it is best for them to cut down on their training or activities.
  • Avoid using legal and illegal drugs. It is also good not to drink alcohol and minimize intake of caffeine.
  • Take vitamin supplements that are rich in folic acid. These supplements are usually those that are taken by pregnant women.
  • It is best for teenage patients to talk to a doctor about hormone supplements that can help correct hormonal imbalances. Calcium supplements should also be added to prevent bone deterioration which is a common symptom associated with irregular periods.

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