Causes of Menstruation Problems

Menstrual Problems Causes:

When a woman experiences certain menstrual problems, there are often reasons behind them. Some of these problems however cannot be thoroughly explained, like PMS, with hormonal imbalances and surges cited as the possible culprit for this problem. Here are other causes of menstrual problems that women may encounter:

  • Cramps are caused by a chemical in the body called prostaglandin.
    This makes the muscles in your uterus contract. This is usually to help dislodge the dead blood cells clinging to the walls of your uterus and to expel this from the body. Severe menstrual cramps may mean something else and may need a doctor’s diagnosis to figure out why a woman is getting very painful menstrual cramps.
  • Irregular periods can actually be caused by the body still adjusting to the start of a girl’s menstrual cycle. If a girl is sexually active and she misses a period or is delayed, she may need to check if she is delayed due to other reasons like pregnancy.
  • Amenorrhea can be caused by a number of reasons.
    Some of the reasons include stress, sudden weight loss, pregnancy, eating disorders, and even genetic abnormalities. Menorrhagia may be caused by estrogen and progesterone imbalances or clotting disorders.

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