Get Rid of Menstrual Problems | Natural Remedies For Menstruation Disorder

Menstruation Problems

Almost all women have had encountered menstrual problems at one point in their lives. In fact, a significant portion of these women experience these menstrual problems every cycle at least in a few cycles per year.

There are many different kinds of menstrual problems that could affect women from child-bearing age up to old age or menopause.

Some of the most commonly observed menstrual problems are dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea or the absence of menstruation, delayed menarche, menorrhagia or extremely prolonged heavy periods, and endometriosis.

Natural Remedies For Menstrual Disorders

Taking care of these menstrual problems the natural way can be done with the use of herbal and homemade remedies. While some women may opt to pop a pain reliever or two to help get rid of menstrual problems, others can try some of these home remedies that may work better for them:

  • Parsley juice is a very good remedy for some of the abovementioned problems with menstrual periods. Simply add some parsley juice to other vegetable juices like carrot, cucumber or beet juice in equal portions and drink this mixture when experiencing some of these menstrual problems.
  • Women who suffer from menorrhagia can get some relief from this problem with the help of the banana flower. Get some banana flowers and boil these till they are tender. Eat this with some curd.
  • Stress-induced amenorrhea can be remedied by eating raw papaya.
  • Coriander seeds can be used to help treat menorrhagia. Simply add 6 grams of these seeds to half a liter of boiling water and let this simmer and reduce until only half of the water remains. Add a teaspoon of honey to this drink and take this while it is still warm.

Coping With Menstrual Problems

  • Although most menstrual problems are tolerable and don’t need immediate medical attention, the patient would still be in considerable pain or discomfort because of the condition. Thus, it is best to have someone to watch over the patient, especially during the first few months of her cycle.
  • Parents, especially mothers, should ensure that young girls who are just beginning their menstrual cycles are guided, especially if they are experiencing problems.
  • The patient should be brought to a physician, usually a gynecologist, if she experiences the above-mentioned problems, especially for prolonged periods of time. Hormonal treatment may have to be provided to correct some problems that could be life threatening to the patient.

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