How To Prepone Periods Naturally With Home Remedies

At some point in their life, every woman may want to prepone or postpone her menstrual cycle for few days. There are varied reasons for it. The other day, a young woman was asking for some home remedies to prepone her periods, since her marriage date was coinciding with the date of her menses.

A girl who was going to participate in an athletic event wanted to prepone her menses so that it may not cause any hindrance in her sport events.

Generally, a normal and regular menstrual cycle is of 28 to 30 days. Your periods depend on female hormones; the two main hormones are estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones play an important role in shedding of uterus lining, after which vascular structure in the uterus starts to bleed; this is what we call as menstrual bleeding.

Birth Control Pills To Prepone Menstrual Cycle

There are many ways to prepone or induce your period earlier then the expected due date.

One such accurate and easy way is to take contraceptive pills. Contraceptive pills contain estrogen and progesterone. Whenever you want to take this pill, you have to consult your doctor, since there are few contraindications for taking it such as, deep vein thrombosis, heart disease etc. When you stop these pills after taking it for 7 days, you may expect bleeding within 2 to 3 days. This is not true menstrual bleeding but it is called withdrawal bleeding.

It is possible to prepone the menstrual cycle with natural home remedies. On the brighter note, it is also safe and free from side effects. Following are some of the home remedies to prepone the cycle. There are certain foods and herbs that can raise the level of estrogen which responsible for inducing menstruation. Certain foods warm up your body and help to prepone your periods.

Home Remedies To Prepone Periods

  • Papaya: eat one small papaya for at least 7 days regularly, if you want to induce your period earlier than its due date. Carotene in papaya helps to prepone menses. Beside, papaya produces lot of heat in the body.
  • Carrots and pumpkin are other two fruits that contain enough carotene. They both can prove beneficial if you want to prepone your menses.
  • Eat one teaspoon of sesame seeds and one teaspoon of jaggery daily. Start at least 15 days prior to the expected date.
  • Mix two teaspoon of jaggery in one glass of water. Add 1 teaspoon of freshly prepared ginger juice to it, drink the prepared mixture early in the morning on empty stomach, for few days to prepone periods naturally.
  • Drink one glass of pomegranate juice and one glass of sugarcane juice at least three times in a day, for few days to prepone the menses.
  • Mix jaggery powder with half teaspoon of turmeric powder and consume this mixture regularly, start 15 days prior to the expected date of menses. Since Jaggery and turmeric both produces heat in the body, your periods may prepone few days prior your expected date.

How To Prepone Periods Naturally?

  • Eating red meat and lot of non vegetarian dishes increases heat in the body. Red meat contains high amount of estrogen, which helps to induce menstrual cycle earlier.
  • In ancient days people used to apply hot pack of red mud over the lower abdomen. This produces heat in the body and helps to prepone the periods.
  • Sitting in a hot bath tub for half hour regularly for few days. Drink lukewarm water during this period. This helps to produce heat in the body and prepone menstrual periods.

While all the above natural foods and herbs were effective in olden days to prepone periods, today it is difficult to rely on them completely. This is because most of the fruits and vegetables are grown with the help of chemical fertilizers and their nutritive value is considerably reduced than organically produced vegetables and fruits. So what may have worked for your granny may or may not be as effective on you.

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