Ocular Migraine Causes, Symptoms: Home Remedies For Migraine Relief

Ocular migraine, medically known as ophthalmoplegic migraine affects the eye. Ocular migraine should not be confused with a migraine aura that affects the vision.

A migraine aura usually affects both the eyes; ocular migraine on the other hand, affects one eye, and is accompanied by or is followed by a headache.

Causes And Symptoms Of Ocular Migraine

Migraine is a neurological disorder, the precise cause of which is still quite ambiguous.

Migraine is linked to abnormalities of the blood vessels of the head. Ocular migraine occurs when the blood vessels suddenly constrict, thus decreasing blood supply to the eye. This causes temporary loss of vision or distortion in one eye.
Sometimes, ocular migraine can impair the retina and its blood vessels.

Ocular migraine is commoner among females and individuals who have a family history of migraine. Also, people having certain medical conditions such as, lupus, epilepsy and sickle cell anemia may experience ocular migraine.

Common triggers for ocular migraine are: stress, excessive intake of alcohol, hunger, chocolates, coffee, foods containing monosodium glutamate, meat preserved in nitrates and exposure to bright-blinking lights.

Ocular Migraine Symptoms

The primary symptom of ocular migraine is seeing tiny, enlarging blind spots, called scotoma.

The spots may be accompanied by flickering lights or zigzag steaks. Though the spots first appear in the region of central vision, they gradually increase and cover the entire field of vision.

Ocular migraine is associated with diplopia, headache and nausea and vomiting.

Home Remedies For Ocular Migraine Relief

Management of ocular migraine comprises of abortive therapy and preventive therapy. Abortive therapy uses headache relieving medications, while, preventive therapy makes use of alternative therapies.

It is essential to maintain a record of the intensity and frequency of the migraine; also make note of the triggers, they help to recognize a pattern.

Homeopathy, aromatherapy, diet, yoga and lifestyle changes help get rid of ocular migraine successfully.

Some of the home remedies for migraine relief include:

  • Chamomile: chamomile tea is known to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines. It is an excellent preventive remedy.
  • Basil: basil tea or inhaling vapors from an infusion of 3 drops of basil essential in boiling water provides significant relief.
  • Lavender: inhaling lavender essential oil and apply the oil on to the temples and neck is extremely effective.
  • Lemon rind: dry and pound a few lemon rinds in to a paste and apply over the forehead. This helps relieve migraine.
  • Massage: Massaging the neck and back of the head and the temples with lavender / peppermint essential oil helps loosen constricted muscles and enhances blood flow. A regular massage helps fight of episodes of ocular migraine.
  • Yoga: yoga acts like a powerful de stressor. It relaxes the mind and does away with unwanted mental clutter. Sustained yoga practice is recommended to obtain benefits.

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