Natural Treatment for Mononucleosis | Cure Mono, Kissing Disease

Mononucleosis Natural Remedies:

While mononucleosis does dissipate after a few days of rest and proper intake of fluids and a proper diet, some people wish to expedite the process with the use of home remedies. Others try to alleviate the symptoms that they feel with this ailment by using homemade remedies made from ingredients that are easily found in your home.

Here are some home treatments you might want to try:

  • Since mono often brings about a sore throat and the swelling of the tonsils. Remedies that are used to heal these ailments can be used to help ease the pain in your throat. One example is the gargling of warm salty water. Another remedy for your swollen tonsils and sore throat is gargling with certain herbs like slippery elm bark as well as licorice.
  • Since mono is a viral infection and garlic is well known for its viral fighting capabilities, taking in fresh garlic every day while you have the symptoms of mono will help ease the ailment.
    Garlic capsules can also be taken in this case.
  • For treating fatigue and malaise, relaxing herbs like lavender and chamomile used in a warm bath or as aromatherapy in the room of the ailing person can help. Eucalyptus as well as bergamot can also be used for this kind of a treatment.

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