Preventing Mononucleosis | How to Prevent Mono, Kissing Disease

Mononucleosis Prevention Measures:

While preventing mono when your hormones are raging is somewhat impossible, you can at least try to prevent it if you can. Since this virus lives in your saliva or in the saliva of a person who is infected with it, one of the surefire ways to avoid getting mono is to keep yourself from kissing another person until you are definitely sure that they are not a carrier.

  • Another way you can prevent the spread of this ailment is to isolate the spoons, forks, glasses, and cups that an infected person uses. This will often help keep the virus at bay or from spreading.
  • Try to abstain from kissing or having sexual relations with someone who has the virus even after he or she is cured. Usually the virus lives on for months in a person’s body even after he is cured and may still be transmitted through bodily fluids. Knowing when you can kiss or have sex with a person who has had mono recently may seem somewhat difficult to ascertain. You may stand the risk of getting this ailment if you kiss the person or engage in sexual relations with this person a few months after the ailment has dissipated.

Blood transfusions are usually screened for viral infections but those who may come in contact with blood from a person who is bleeding and they have an open wound themselves can also be a cause for getting mono. When treating people with bleeding wounds, make sure that you don’t have any open wounds yourself.

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