Home Remedies to Get Relief from Mosquito Bite Swelling

Mosquitoes are common insects, especially so in areas with stagnant water where they can quickly proliferate. Female mosquitoes need to bite humans and animals because she needs blood so that she can produce eggs. Although many people would not experience any problems other than a sting, a lot also experience swelling on the bite site.

Mosquito Bite Swelling

  • Although not experienced by all who are bitten by mosquitoes, there is also a very high occurrence of swelling.
  • When a mosquito bites, it injects saliva into the site. This saliva prevents the blood from clotting so that the mosquito can freely feed. Now, this saliva contains various proteins.
  • These salivary proteins are detected by the body’s immune system. The probable response is reddening and swelling on the bite site. Still, it is important to understand that people react differently to mosquito bites. Some might have extreme swelling while others will experience very slight swelling only.
  • Some research works show that allergic reactions towards mosquito bites tend to lessen after several incidences of bites.
    Thus, some people would have less serious reactions after being bitten for over so many years. Still, it also does not hold true to everyone so that it might be possible that the person will have the same reaction even after being bitten countless times.

Home Remedy for Mosquito Bite Swelling

  • Finding a remedy for swelling due to mosquito bites could be easy. In fact, there are a number of home remedies that could be used to solve the problem.
  • Still, it must first be understood that the overall effectiveness of these home remedies will depend on a lot of factors. Such factors include:
    • The patient’s own immune response
    • The size of swelling
    • The number of bite sites
    • The time after the bite that the medication was applied or taken
  • Some home remedies could be readily available, fresh from the garden or just off the kitchen or grocery store shelves. However, there are also times when the patient must find creams or lotions or infusions of these home remedies.

Mosquito Bite Swelling Relief

To get relief from the swelling, try the following remedies:

  • Aloe vera. If using fresh stalk, snap off a portion and use the sap on the affected area. If in cream form, take a small portion and rub it on the area.
  • Banana skin. Use freshly peeled banana. The inside of the skin is rubbed gently unto the affected area.
  • Baking soda. Mix one teaspoon baking soda in one glass of water. Place the solution on a piece of cloth and rub over the bite for 15 to 20 minutes.

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