Mumps Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Mumps Virus Infection

Treating Mumps with Diet:

When a person has mumps, there is a specific diet that helps them get well faster as well as helps keep down the swelling and the feeling of fatigue and malaise that usually comes with this ailment. Here are some of the dietary tips you might want to try:

  • Try to avoid citrus fruits and citric acid when you have mumps.
    These usually aggravate the problem. Try to get your vitamin C from other fruits and other sources like green leafy vegetables and fruits like cantaloupes and mangoes.
  • Try to increase your intake of fluids. Water, non-citrus juices, and vegetable soups and juices are ideal for faster healing.
  • Since a person with mumps may find it rather difficult to chew due to the swelling of some of the parts of his face, you might want to give the patient a soft diet. This may consist of runny oatmeal, rice porridge, and other foods with similar consistencies.
  • Try to keep your diet light when you have mumps. This means you should avoid such hard-to-digest products like meat and stick with vegetables and fruits for the duration of the ailment. You should also avoid processed foods since these are laden with additives that are also taxing on a person’s system.

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