Preventing Mumps | How to Prevent Mumps Virus Infection

Mumps Prevention Measures:

You can prevent yourself and members of your family from getting mumps if you get yourself vaccinated from the disease. Most of the people born after 1965 are usually immunized against this ailment. However, to make sure that you are not prone to getting mumps, try to get the two vaccinations needed for the prevention of this ailment.

  • For your children, make sure that they get vaccinated against mumps first at a year old then later when they reach four years of age. This will help prevent them from getting the ailment in their lifetime.
  • If you know of someone who has mumps and you are not sure if you or members of your family have been properly vaccinated from the disease, try to keep away from the infected person for as long as ten days or so after he or she started showing symptoms of the ailment.
  • If a person in your house has mumps, try to avoid using any of the utensils that they use while they are sick. Sterilize these after they get better and when you are taking care of them, try to wear a sanitary mask for you to avoid inhaling any of the droplets in the air that may carry the mumps virus.
    Use a hand sanitizer as well or wash your hands frequently with anti-bacterial soap.

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