Nephritis Disease Symptoms | Signs of Nephritis Ailment

Nephritis Symptoms:

To help identify whether a person is suffering from nephritis or not, you may need to identify some of the symptoms that indicate the presence of such an ailment. Here are some of the possible symptoms of nephritis you may or may not experience with this problem:

  • Some people experience the swelling of some of their tissues that may include areas of the face, particularly around the eyes.
    He may also experience the swelling of the tissues in his lower extremities like in the legs.
  • Other symptoms can be seen in a person’s urine. There may be a drop in the volume of urine that a person discharges and a change in how his urine looks. There may be instances when blood is mixed with the urine, making it look darker.
  • Other possible symptoms you may feel when you have nephritis include nausea, malaise or the feeling of generally being unwell, fatigue or tiredness, constant drowsiness, and headaches.
  • Sometimes when a person’s nephritis progresses rapidly, he may experience symptoms like abdominal and joint pain, vomiting, and a noticeable loss of appetite.
  • When nephritis becomes chronic and is left unchecked, you may notice symptoms like shortness of breath, tiredness, and itchy skin appear.
    This can be indicators of kidney damage.

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