Preventing Neuritis Disease | Prevent Optic, Peripheral Neuritis

Neuritis Prevention Measures:

Preventing neuritis may be easily done if a person does not have history of ailments that can cause it like diabetes or HIV/AIDS. You can avoid neuritis by living a healthy life and by trying to avoid the possible triggers for this ailment.

  • You can avoid neuritis by eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and resting when you need rest.
    Since some neuritis attacks are due to overwork and overexertion, resting is important especially when you really need it. Exercising also helps since it helps strengthen the nerves that usually get injured when you suffer from neuritis.
  • Try to avoid injuries when you engage in certain physical activities and sports by using protective gear whenever you can. Examples of protective gear that can protect you include elbow pads, kneepads, and other similar padded gear for skating, rollerblading, biking, and the like.
  • Avoid overindulgence since this may lead to weak nerves and the possibility of neuritis.
  • To help avoid optic neuritis, regular visits to your ophthalmologist can help detect any problems with your eyes before they worsen.
    You should also protect your eyes from strain whenever possible to reduce the possibility of eye injury and optic neuritis.

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