Neuritis Disease Symptoms | Optic, Peripheral Neuritis Symptoms

Neuritis Signs:

The main symptom of neuritis is the swelling of the nerves that are affected by this ailment. There are other symptoms that do accompany this and the list of symptoms a person experiences often depends on what kind of neuritis he or she has. Here are some of those other symptoms that a person may have with this ailment:

  • Neuritis that affects the eyes often makes a person experience temporary loss of eyesight or impaired vision for the whole duration of the problem.
    This usually disappears and eyesight returns to relative normality once the neuritis is cured.
  • Peripheral neuritis may have symptoms that include a burning or tingling sensation and even stabbing pain in the nerves that are affected by this ailment. Sometimes a loss of sensation, muscle paralysis, numbness, and cramps can be experienced by a person suffering from neuritis.
  • When a person has optic neuritis, some of the other symptoms he may experience include color blindness, may have some pain while moving the infected eye, and may have difficulty finding his way in the dark. In some cases, he may even find it difficult to close his eyes when he has this problem.
  • If the nerves in a person’s face are affected, he may also find that some of his facial muscles are paralysed due to this ailment.

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