Preventing Obesity | How to Prevent Overweight, Excess Body Fat

Obesity Prevention Measures:

Because of the numerous risk factors associated with obesity, it has become more important to prevent the onset of the condition instead of trying to treat it. This is because prevention is cheaper than treatment. Moreover, even if a person becomes successful in treating obesity, there is still the chance that risk factors will remain, especially if certain damages to the health have been done.

The following are the common means to avoid obesity:

  • Make sure that you get plenty of exercise. People who are obese generally have a sedentary lifestyle. The absence or lack of exercise is a telling factor in obesity because it deprives the body of the opportunity to burn out body fats as well as to aid in the elimination of body wastes.
  • Eat plenty of soluble fibers. Soluble fibers are available from grain foods, oatmeal, and bran. It has a beneficial effect on the body as it aids in the elimination of body waste.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water helps make the body eliminate its waste faster. When one drinks water before eating, there is a feeling of being full already so one is no longer able to eat much, which is a good step in preventing obesity.

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