Obesity Symptoms | Signs of Obese Body

Obesity Symptoms:

Obesity is more than just about body size. The condition is far more than that. There may be some people who are physically big but are not clinically considered obese. What these observations reveal is that body size alone is not a strong determinant for obesity. However, because body size is the first and most noticeable sign of obesity, people continue to harbor beliefs that a large body size indeed indicates obesity.

Apart from increase in body size, the following are the signs of obesity:

  • Easily tires out, usually catching his breath after some form of physical activity. Obese people are commonly deprived of physical activity, despite their high-energy needs. Ironically, their high-energy need is due to the need to physically support such a heavy body and not due to physical activity that would have been better because it would have helped the person shed off some excess pounds.
  • Difficulty in physical movement. Obese individuals have a pronounced difficulty when it comes to motion mainly because of their heavy weight;
  • Heart problems. Obese individuals are prone to arterial blockage and heart problems due to the accumulation of fats in the body. This is one of the risk factors of obesity and the reason why obese people should be more careful.

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