Pain In Lower Back Right Side: Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

Pain in right side of lower back can be associated with several factors. Research suggests that the back of a person consists of a complex arrangement of bones, muscles and connective tissues which extend from neck to pelvis. Therefore, musculoskeletal (related to muscles and skeleton) problems can afflict any region of the back including lower right side.

Pain in the right quadrant of the back is mostly caused by herniated lumbar disc and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Fortunately, these causes do not pose serious health threats. They can be cured with the help of exercises and simple remedies. However, pain in lower back right side induced by ruptured or slipped disc is a serious health condition that may require surgery.

Symptoms Of Pain In Lower Back Right Side

Symptoms of pain in lower back right side may vary greatly, depending on the real cause of the problem. A lumber herniated disc induced back pain is accompanied with symptoms such as leg pain (sciatica) and numbness or tingling in the leg. Sometimes, leg pain becomes worse than the back pain.

Sometimes, patients may even lose control over their bowel. Such a symptom indicates an underlying disorder. Pain in the right side of lower back due to sacroiliac joint disorders may show up symptoms such as buttock or pelvis pain and hip or groin pain. It may also make it very difficult for the patient to sit. Some patients also complain of weakness, tingling and numbness in their lower back.

What Can Cause Lower Back Pain On Right Side?

Lower back pain on the right side may be caused by several factors. However, two main triggers – disk herniation and sacroiliac joint disorders – are responsible for most of the right side back pain. Disk herniation which is also known as disk generation is related to gradual tear and wear.

Aging causes spinal disks to lose fluid content. As a result, spinal disks lose flexibility and become vulnerable to rupture and tear due to small twist or strain. Sometimes, lifting heavy objects using back muscles causes stress to herniated disk, resulting in pain in lower back right side.

A trauma or blow to the lower back may also damage the herniated disk. Often, pain in right side of lower back is triggered due to a blow to sacroiliac joint. In this case, sacroiliac joint gets injured and becomes weak resulting in back pain.

Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain Right Side

Home remedy is a safe alternative for treating lower back pain provided the condition is not severe. Going natural way to treat the disorder includes curative remedies, herbal remedies and exercises.

  • If you want to get immediate relief from the pain, try out hot and cold therapies. While using hot therapy, using hot water bag compression on the affected region can be effective.
  • Applying icepack on the area regularly can also help in alleviating pain.
  • Alternatively, you can take herbs like devil’s claw and willow bark orally to cure the health condition.
  • Massage therapy administered by a certified physiotherapist can also heal the condition fast.

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