Palpitation Causes | Reasons of Irregular, Abnormal Heart Beat

Palpitation Causes:

There are various factors that can cause palpitations. The following are the most common causes:

  • Hyper dynamic circulation: This happens when a person has some form of ailment that causes irregular beating that ultimately captures the attention of a person, making that person ever aware of his heartbeat. This is common during pregnancy, anemia, and pyrexia.
  • Sympathetic overdrive: This occurs when a person is subject to some form of stress or tension. As a result, breathing becomes irregular and shallow heartbeat becomes faster. As a result, the heartbeat becomes the main focus of the persons’ attention. This condition is frequent during attacks of panic disorder.
  • Arrhythmias: This is due to some abnormalities in the structure of the heart, such as fibrillation and blockages. As a result, the heartbeat becomes very noticeable and gets the attention of the person.
  • As a result of adrenaline: When a person gets excited, adrenaline is pumped in the body. In turn, this causes the heartbeat to become stronger and stands out over all other stimulus that the person may feel.
  • As a result of taking drugs, especially stimulants. Stimulants are known to increase the body’s vitality. One result of this is an increase in the heartbeat.
  • Due to drinking beverages that contain caffeine. Coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks are known to be rich in caffeine. They can also cause irregular heartbeats.

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