Heart Palpitation Home Remedies | Natural Treatments for Irregular Heart Beat

Palpitation Treatments:

The following are some of the tested home remedies for palpitation:

  • Squeeze the juice from a half a piece of lemon. Mix about a teaspoon of honey and mix with the lemon juice. Add 250 milliliter of water to the honey-lemon mixture. Drink the mix at least twice a day. It is proven to cure palpitations.
  • Go with fruit juices instead of taking carbonated drink. It will also be good to cut down on tea and coffee consumption as these drinks contain caffeine that increases the incidence of palpitation. Replace this with fruit juices, but make sure to avoid the processed variants, as these are likely to be carbonated.
  • Increase the daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Get equal amounts of dried coriander, jiggery, and aniseed. Grind them until a powdery substance is created. Take at least a teaspoon of this substance after every meal.
  • Eat guava on an empty stomach. This is usually done first thing in the morning. Guava is known to cleanse the body and reduces the symptoms associated with palpitation.
  • Drink at least a glass of grape juice every day.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing snake gourd leaves in water. Put the mixture in cheese cloth and squeeze, and then drink the liquid.

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