Piles Causes | Reasons for Hemorrhoids | Cause of Piles

What Causes Piles or Hemorroids:

The following are the common causes of piles:

  • Chronic constipation is one of the common causes of developing piles. This arises from the fact that a constipated person could not easily dispose of body waste that causes toxins and other agents to stay longer in the body than needed. As a result, piles pop out as part of the body’s mechanism to tell its owner that it is experiencing something nasty.
  • Sitting for long periods can also cause the development of piles.
  • When there is an increased straining during bowel elimination, it may cause the veins in the area surrounding the anus to expand, inviting infection.
  • Obesity is another factor that causes piles. This is because an obese person generally has poor muscle tone and poor posture that results in too much pressure in the rectal veins.
  • Cigarette smoking is another factor. This may even cause internal bleeding of the hemorrhoids that may result to diarrhea.
  • Eating a low-fiber diet deprives the body of a nutrient that is necessary in aiding elimination of body wastes. As a result, toxins and wastes stay too long in the body, thereby causing hemorrhoids.
  • Due to cancerous growth in the pelvis that puts pressure on the abdomen.

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