Piles, Hemorrhoids Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Piles Disease

Diet for Piles:

Diet is a very important aspect in preventing or treating piles. For one, water and fibers are necessary for a person to avoid piles. This is because water and fibers assist in the quick elimination of body wastes. When the body is predisposed to quicker elimination of body wastes, toxins spend lesser time in the body and the possibility that the body will absorb some harmful substances is reduced.

Aside from fibers and water, the following will do well for piles:

  • Consume plenty of wheatgrass juice. This juice aids in proper digestion as well as in allowing an easy assimilation of nutrients. This benefit is of particular importance to those who may be prone to constipation or those who experiences poor digestion.
  • Aside from water, one may also drink plenty of fruit juices. Fruit juices are very good particularly in the treatment of bacterial infections. On the other hand, if one is drinking or eating a lot of citrus fruits, the result is a higher acidity in the digestive system that can neutralize possible toxins, which may cause the disease.
  • Make sure to avoid refined foods such as sugar, bread, pastries, and cakes.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks because they cause stools to become dry, making it painful to eliminate them.

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